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Sales Negotiation Skill - Yen Universe Consultancy

NLP: sales negotiation skill


One Day Training


You can choose your own preferred venue


9AM - 5PM


Mr Steve Lim, Author, Certified NLP Trainer, More Than 15 Years Of Sales Experience

Untrained Sales Staff Is A Liability

Let’s Turn It Into Profitability

RM 6500


RM 8000


RM 1000


Frequently asked questions

  1. Learning to be effective and efficient in sales negotiation process.
  2. Learning to win more deals and increase closing rate.
  3. Learning to be more confident, professional and cost-effective to close the deal.

1. The Right Mindset for Sales Negotiation and Closing

  • The 10 misleading thought in sales negotiation and closing.
  • Wrong perception that contribute to lengthy sales negotiation process.
  • The serving attitude that leads to effective closing.
  • The different mindset between low and high performer.

2. The Application of Anchoring in Sales Negotiation

  • The untold secret of anchoring in negotiation.
  • Powerful hand gesture to increase your closing rate.
  • Stacking anchoring to trigger your customer’s need.
  • Stacking anchoring to boost your confidence during negotiation.

3. Handling Objection

  • Reframing – the art of leading customer to see the undeniable need in your product.
  • Ways to identify genuine and not-genuine objection.
  • Meta model – a questioning technique to find out the real issue behind every objection.
  • Effective way to address your customer’s concern.

4. The Application of NLP Linguistic Pattern in Negotiation

  • Double bind – helping prospect to choose the solution.
  • What if frame – powerful conditional closing technique.
  • Tag question – reaffirming customer’s belief in engaging your service.
  • Embedded command – anchor your prospect with your intonation.

5. Role-playing

  • Transform knowledge into action.
  • Experience the real sales closing process.
  • Practice to convert customer’s objection into transaction.
  • Leading customer to experience the truth of your claims linguistically.

Sales Manager and Sales Team

We have successfully helped organisations to increase 10% Sales ( RM 13,500,000.00) in 2 weeks

Mr Steve Lim, The NLP Sales GURU. Certified NLP Trainer with more than 15 years of sales experience. For his trainer profile, kindly click HERE.

English / Mandarin (Either One)

Package A: The In House Training Fee is RM 6,500 for group of participant for 10 – 35 pax.

Package B: The In House Training Fee is RM 8,000 for group of participant for 36 – 60 pax.

Package C: Ala carte, valid for those who purchase Package B,  RM 1,000 will be added for any additional 20 participants.

No, travelling and accommodation fee is included for company located in KL / Selangor. Travelling and accommodation fee will be charged only for company located OUT from KL / Selangor.

1-Day Training, e-Training Manual, e-Certificate.

  • The NLP Specialist
  • Author 3 NLP books
  • Multi language 
  • Having more than 10 years of hands-on experience in both NLP Training and NLP Coaching
  • Inspirational story-telling 

Petronas, Malaysia Airlines, Fedex, Intel, Michelin, Toyota, Ikea, Jusco, and others.

You will need to fill up a training engagement form. Click HERE to kick start now.

You may make your payment to our Public Bank Berhad Current Account (YEN UNIVERSE CONSULTANCY SDN BHD, Account No: 3194541220)

10 days before the training

Your training is confirmed after the full payment is done


  1. Blind Spot:
  • Q: Many employers expect the sales team to perform immediately (after hiring) without any sales training given.
  • A: It takes the right selling mindset and right selling technique to approach the customer (thus achieving the sales target). Doing sales is an art. They have to be trained.
  1. Blind Spot:
  • Q: “I don’t know what to train them.”
  • A: It’s simple to start. First the right selling mindset, second the right selling technique.
  1. Blind Spot:
  • Q: “Training them is expensive. Some may even leave the company.”
  • A: Can you imagine they are not trained (thus not bringing you any sales but you still pay them) and yet they are staying in your company? Which one is more expensive?
  1. Blind Spot:
  • Q: “It’s hard to measure the ROI after training.”
  • A: This is how you can measure (Sales Training ROI = Conversion/Sales leads ; Sales Training ROI = Value/Transaction). If both rate have increased (after training), then you are doing a great investment.

      5. Blind Spot:

  • Q: “The sales team will just have to bang the market long enough and they will pick up automatically.”
  • A: Really? They might be demoralized (after so much rejection) and leaving the company soon (which in return costing you more money and resources to hire again). 

       6. What can you do now? Send them over. We know how to train.

Untrained Sales Staff Is A Liability, Let’s Turn It Into Profitability

Our clients say

"Steve to me is a very engaging trainer who definitely knows how to connect with the participants effectively. He created a fun and interactive learning atmosphere. While the course content is definitely wonderful and practical. Love it so much. The best training session so far after many years"
Hairani Nor Muhamad
Sales Training Manager
"very practising class... you will enjoy the class and easy to understand the content...."
Zyra Azira
Sales Executive
"A training provider like no other. They put trainees’ needs and intended learning outcomes at the center of all trainings, making the sessions much more productive and effective. Not forgetting their passion for helping the needy too. Highly recommended!"
Selina Ng
Assistant Manager
"Training and consultancy designed based on our company issues and needs, Steve has put a lot of effort in understanding our structure, processes and needs, great !"
Tan Guan Han
Managing Director