The NLP Specialist

We are The NLP Specialist in the corporate training industry who help corporate and organization to create a strong purpose-driven team with high working morale by aligning their value and purpose.


To Be The NLP Specialist in ASEAN That Helps Enlightening People


Helping organisation to align their value and purpose

Core Value

Integrity, Simplicity,

Why Us?

Multi-language, Author of 3 NLP Books, Inspirational story-telling

Training Hours

What Is NLP?

NLP =  Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

It’s an effective tool to Reprogram Your Mind. 

Why NLP?

It integrates both your conscious and unconscious mind, so that your training is much MORE EFFECTIVE as compared to other modality. 

Our Clientele

Dell, MAS, Fedex, Toyota, Coway 

Our Community Project

We hope to make the world a little better here


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Our Team

Our pool of NLP Trainers are Certified NLP Trainers that have demonstrated and passed through the highest degree of NLP competency and skill test in oversea.