Non theoretical and effective

aligned with your direction

Based on your vision and mission


We measure the right thing in the right way

experienced consultant

More than 10 years of experience in KPI development

kpi in-house workshop

Customised and aligned with your direction

RM 6,500


  • Max 35 Participants/class
  • 1-Day Training
  • Design and development your organisation KPI
  • e-Training Manual
  • e-Certificate

RM 13,000


  • Max 35 Participants/class
  • 2-Day Training
  • Design and development your organisation KPI
  • e-Training Manual
  • e-Certificate

RM 3,000


  • Max 35 Participants/class
  • Ala Carte
  • 1-Day Coaching
  • Post-training coaching
  • Revise on your previous work

Frequently asked questions

  1. Awareness of the broad principles of KPIs design
  2. The concept of the Balanced Score Card
  3. The implementation of KPIs.
  4. Design and develop KPI for your company 

Day 1

  1. Introduction to the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  2. The principles of the Balanced Score Card
  3. Working on the Balanced Score Card

Day 2

  1. Designing KPIs from the Balanced Score Card
  2. Aligning Company KPIs and functional KPIs
  3. Principles of KPI Implementation

Senior management and HOD

Of course. That’s why we gotta start from understanding your vision and mission. 

An ex CFO from one of largest domestic insurance company 

Pls refer to the pricing package above .

No, travelling and accommodation fee is included for company located in KL / Selangor. Travelling and accommodation fee will be charged only for company located OUT from KL / Selangor.

e-Training Manual & e-Certificate.

What’s more important is that: Your KPI is finally set up. 

  • We are The NLP Specialist that means your training is customized based on the HIGHEST DEGREE of NLP COMPETENCE and SKILL.
  • Our NLP Programmes are recognized and subsidized by Malaysian Government that means you are attending the TRUSTABLE and QUALITY NLP Training at the National level.
  • We are Multi-Language that means you can learn BEST in your mother tongue (English, Mandarin & Malay).
  • We are the Author of 3 NLP Best-Selling Books in MPH that means you are trained by the RELIABLE NLP Training Provider.
  • We have trained participants from various countries & cultures that means you are WELL-HANDLED with the different cultural background.
  • We have been interviewed by media such as newspapers, radio, and magazines that means you are REST ASSURED of our expertise and specialization.
  • We provide more than 8 Internationally Recognized Certification Courses that means you are learning from the HIGHLY ACCREDITED NLP Training Provider.
  • We have more than 15 years’ sales experience in the market that means your sales training is EFFECTIVE to INCREASE your SALES PERFORMANCE.
  • We ADD VALUE to our clients by conducting corporate visit that means your learning is HIGHLY INTERACTIVE and PRACTICAL.
  • We run Yen Community Projects to contribute our little efforts to make the local community a BETTER WORLD.
  • We’ve successful helped a company to increase RM 13,500,000 sales (10% increment) within 2 weeks, by using NLP element!!!!!!

Petronas, Malaysia Airlines, Fedex, Intel, Michelin, Toyota, Ikea, Jusco, and others.

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You may make your payment to our Public Bank Berhad Current Account (YEN UNIVERSE CONSULTANCY SDN BHD, Account No: 3194541220)

10 days before the training

Your training is confirmed after the full payment is done

  1. Not aligned with your direction
  2. Not practical during implementation 
  3. Not useable after developing 
  4. Not having an experienced consultant who is able to see the clear big picture 
  5. The management doesn’t have a clear end in mind 

No measurement is like driving in the dark.