Senior Manager / UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd

The training very inspirational energising, bringing a lot ideas to deal with people. Able to break your mental break. Basically good training for all management staff.

Yew Chen Yen
Customer Service Manager / FedEx

It’s a powerful, enlightening 6 days journey. It empowers your mind to work beyond your current state & aim to achieve what you desire.

Shazila Sulaiman
Service Talent Management Associate / Celcom

NLP is a fun and full of knowledge learning. It is an inspiring experience. Thank you Yen Universe especially to our trainer Steve.

Hairani Nor Muhamad
Sales Training Manager / Tan Chong Motor

Steve to me is a very engaging trainer who definitely knows how to connect with the participants effectively. He created a fun and interactive learning atmosphere. While the course content is definitely wonderful and practical. Love it so much. The best training session so far after many years.

Mohd Rizal Ibrahim
IT Manager / Intel

I really enjoy the session. I love the interaction and learn a lot on NLP.

Elaine Lai
Training Manager / Pullman KL

The design of the course module is an overview of the NLP concept and the modules is applicable for our work area. The session is of lively, fun and interesting for the participants.

Khairul Asraf
L&D Manager / IKEA- Ikano Handel Sdn. Bhd.

The training was good and it can be applied practically in workplace and in our own daily life.

Wyanne Lee
Staff Human Capital Management Director / Imperial Garments

I feel that i had changed after attended the NLP Prac course. It is a very interesting and useful course that it change my thoughts and how i perceive the world. Attending NLP here is fun, happy and it makes learning works! Thanks to everyone from Yen Universe and the colleagues of the course to make these 6 days fruitful & happy.

Toh Lin Yee
Senior Executive / City Link Express

The session is lively and interactive. Generally, i’m amazed with the practical session and it is really useful.

Zuraina Binti Ibrahim
Head of Non Pilot Training / AirAsia- AACE Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

It gives me great pleasure and self satisfaction to get to learn about NLP. It enhances the positive things in me and I surely will apply those thing that I learnt. TQ to Steve and Alice.

Hanson Chai
Sales Manager / Coway Malaysia

I Love NLP, the course content is fantastic and atmosphere for six days is great. All the staff from YEN is helpful and friendly. I like the way Steve share stories with us. Awesome Experience. I will join next programme from YEN Universe.

Afiq Afandi
Executive / Sepang Aircraft Engineering

This is a good course for anyone intending to level up your communication & coaching skills, also to train yourself to look at all circumstances in a different manner, more positively & with the intent for improvement.

Hari Krishnan
Lecturer / CUCMS Education

Fantastic program. I have been looking for this program for some time. Grateful for the opportunity. I can see the application in my daily life. Steve Lim is great trainer, creative flexible and open. Bravo!! Keep up the great work.

Wang Chan Huei
Senior Manager / Greenpen Freight Service

Organised well informative motivational seminar. Plus Fun!! BAGUS

Mustasha Hadi
Senior Manager / UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd

Excellent program as open our thinking & eyes to connect between conscious & subconscious mind which we thought unlogical at any stage. Beside, good experience learning linguistic technique to further improve our communication.

Yeoh Lam Guan
General Manager / APM Shock Absorbers Sdn Bhd

This NLP course provided technique and tools to improve our ways to look at a problem and improve on our thinking to be positive.

Ang SE
HR Manager / PMI Technology Sdn Bhd

Good job by Steve and Yen Universe. Thank you!!! We enjoyed the class very much.

Kelvin Foo

The positive mindset from our trainer, Steve is really amazing! It has influenced everyone of us to think positive towards our life. Finally, the sincerity of Steve is incredible!

Bong Shi Yee
Senior Manager

Very inspiring! Never thought that simple technique can be so powerful!

Koon Mei Yuen

The NLP Prac course is a course that focuses on challenging oneself mentally & emotionally rather than a pure skills based course. Yen Uni has created an environment that artfully balances function and vibrance. Learning here has been fun and I look forward to more good work from Steve and his team!

Abang Ibrahim
Field Operational Manager / UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd

NLP presented me with more options in effective communicating with others and resolving issues/conflicts.

Regional Head / Celcom

Good and wonderful new experience in NLP.

Jenny Wong
Head of Customer Service / AirAsia- AACE

The course is very enlightening. Never knew we can tune our mind to how we want it. This is an art of “mind” management. Awesome ~!

Head of Department / IMU Education

It is an amazing course with a superb coach. Life is huge and we always are asked to look outside of box. NLP guide us to that.

Asst. Manager / Pullman KL Bangsar

The course has been very interesting and allows us to understand better how we communicate and how we are able to alter our behaviour for the better.


Steve is a good trainer and his teammate are excellent & friendly. You can get a comfort & cheerful learning environment here.

Sales Training Manager / Tan Chong Motor

Training was energetic, practical & inspiring. Definitely will implement NLP Techniques in my training to Nissan Salesman.

Malvin Ong
Health Manager / Coway

Attending this 6 days NLP course is definitely an eye opener. The content delivered by Steve was excellent as he is a great communicator. Personally, NLP means Next Level Person as it has increase my capacity & capability as an individual. Steve is a very down to earth and shared openly about his journey called life. Overall, the course was beneficial & applicable. TQ Steve & Yen Universe

Senior Manager / UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd

Steve, as a good trainer who can make our-self go to the world of imagination which brings you a lot of memories and this will make you a better person. This training also very good to change our good-self as well as others in this world.

Helene Tian
Staff Talent Development Specialist / Imperial Garments

The NLP Prac class is useful regardless background & industry. I had fun & learnt from the class especially on how to deal with our own emotion.

Mohd Zin Mahmood
Lead Instructor / AirAsia- AACE

Excellence course. Great facilitator. Feel presented.

Sales Training Manager / Edaran Tan Chong

• I know how to see things in different ways. • Improve thinking for communicator method. • Refresh coming to next level.