What can you learn from this training?

Learning to present product’s USP effectively. Learning to identify and speak to customer’s need effectively. Learning to accelerate customer’s buying decision.


What are the course modules in this training?

Module 1: How to sell the right solution to customer at this current market? ; Module 2: Accelerate customer’s buying decision; Module 3: The powerful application of NLP linguistic pattern in sales presentation; Module 4: Presentation - Drafting powerful sales pitch


What is the content of Module 1: How to sell the right solution to customer at this current market?

Learning the right mindset of selling. How to identify and highlight product’s USP. How to use NLP tool to identify customer’s need effectively? How to connect customer’s need with your product’s USP


What is the content of Module 2: Accelerate customer’s buying decision?

Understanding consumer’s buying behavior. Identify the factors that influence buyer’s decision. Right questioning technique to get the YES! VAK language - Identify key words that hit customer’s hot button


What is the content of Module 3: The powerful application of NLP linguistic pattern in sales presentation?

NLP linguistic pattern 1: Complex Equivalence – equate customer’s need with product’s USP. NLP linguistic pattern 2: Pacing Current Experience – effective way to utilise customer’s feedback to enhance your sales pitch. NLP linguistic pattern 3: Double Bind: Giving client a set of choice where both of which are preferable or desired by client. NLP linguistic pattern 4: Mind Read – claiming to know your customer’s lingo to create the sense of belonging


What is the content of Module 4: Presentation - Drafting powerful sales pitch?

Transform knowledge into action. Converting product features into buyer’s benefits and advantages. Aligning product’s USP with buyer’s value. Leading prospects to experience the truth of your claims linguistically


Who should come for this training?

Sales Manager and Sales Team


Is this training effective?

We have successfully helped organisations to increase 10% Sales ( RM 13,500,000.00) in 2 weeks


Who is the trainer?

Mr Steve Lim, The NLP Sales GURU. Certified NLP Trainer with more than 15 years of sales experience. For his trainer profile, kindly click HERE.


What is the language used in this training?



How Should I register?

You will need to fill up a registration form. Click HERE for application form.


How much does it cost?

Course Fee per pax is RM 1,199 for normal price. You may get the special Super Early Bird Price at RM 899 if you register and pay before 20 January 2019. Special Combo RM 1,700 for 2 pax, and ala carte RM 700 per pax if you have purchased the RM 1,700 combo, maximum 8 pax from the same company.


What is the payment method?

You may pay via credit card or online bank in to our Public Bank Berhad Current Account (YEN UNIVERSE CONSULTANCY SDN BHD, Account No: 3194541220)


What is included in the training fee?

1-Day Training, e-Training Manual, e-Certificate, Breakfast, Lunch & tea-break


When is the due date for the payment?

10 days before the training


How to know if my seat is confirmed for this training?

Your seat is confirmed after the full payment is done