Sales Training of Your Choice


Yen Universe Consultancy is The NLP Specialist in Malaysia and ASEAN established in 2010 who specializes in sales training, namely sales and motivation training, powerful sales presentation training, powerful sales technique training, powerful sales negotiation skill training, sales retreat, as well as sales performance coaching.

We believe that Sales Excellence is what every organization is striking for.

By applying NLP technique, we can increase the sales performance. Apart from this, having the right sales mindset is also a crucial contributing factor.

Many sales consultants can’t perform well simply due to the lacking of sales technique and sales mindset. Thus, it results in some taking too long in the sales process and they give up eventually.

Another key point to enhance the sales performance is the After Sales Service. This is the part where many sales consultants are not paying enough attention.

By doing all these sales process correctly, we believe that the sales consultants can easily achieve the sales KPI and sales target.